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Meet Inland Empire Investments

Rex A. Jackson

Owner of Inland Empire Investments

Rex Jackson - inland empire investments

Our TEAM’S objectives are to assist clients in the achievement of their lifetime retirement goals and protection of their assets.

Over the years, Rex has counseled thousands of clients on asset protection, wealth accumulation, preservation of capital, optimization of retirement income and to more profitably organize their investments. His specialty is assisting those approaching or now in retirement and estate planning life cycles to prepare for and enjoy their retirement years by protecting and growing the client’s assets.

Rex is a graduate of Cal Poly- Pomona in 1976 with a Bachelor of Science degree and the Tuck School of Business-Dartmouth, MBEP program in 2005.

After joining Merrill Lynch in 1977 and developing his own practice, Rex became a producing manager in 1987-1989. Here he was in charge of six administrative assistants and 12-14 stockbrokers. In 1992, Rex left Merrill Lynch to start his own financial planning and advisory practice- Inland Empire Investments.

Today he specializes in Indexed Annuities, Life Insurance, Separately Managed Accounts, Tax and Estate Planning, Income Planning and Social Security Income Optimization. The primary objective in his business model is to provide these specialized services in a complete RISK ADVERSE environment.

Bryan C. Hammer

Administrative Assistant & Media Advisor

Bryan C. Hammer - inland empire investments

While new to the industry, Bryan epitomizes passion and drive in the workplace. Bryan is a graduate of CSU San Bernardino with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration. Having completed his undergrad education, he plans on pursuing a graduate degree. He currently acts as an administrative assistant, which encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including media advisor, where he coordinates social media and traditional channels of marketing. His customer-oriented work ethic ensures the highest customer service.